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  • TSI Spezialmaschinen FLB 500 2 colors screen printing

    TSI Spezialmaschinen FLB 500 Screenprinting machine Roll to Roll for Labels and Tattoos with a working width of 500 mm

    With this very nice machine, you can produce Labels, stickers, and Tattoos.
    The machine is from 2004 is well maintained, and still in production can be seen in production

    With a rare working width of 500 mm, you have various possibilities to produce labels, stickers, and tattoos for children.

    If you are interested please don´t hesitate to contact us, to see the machine in production or if you need more information.

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  • Gallus Graficon R 200 from 2010

    Gallus R 200 B 02 Label printing machine for Letterpress, flexo, and screenprinting from 2010

    This nice Gallus R 200 B 02 printing press has 6 letterpress units, 1 Flexo varnishing unit,
    2 rotary die cutters, and a flatbed die cutter.

    It has a turning bar and a unit to print on the glue side.
    The machine is completely built as new by Graficon.
    All printing units are new from 2009, and also the UV units are new from 2010
    It has also a new Register control from 2010
    The register control is for 6x letterpress units, flatbed die cutter, rotary die cutters.
    Equipped also with cold foil or/ laminating unit
    Web cleaning is also installed on this label printing press.


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  • Heidelberg-Linoprint-L from 2013

    HEIDELBERG Linoprint L Digital label printer

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  • Bobst-Mastercut-1.7-Bobst-Masterflex-1.7

    Bobst Mastercut 1.7 – Martin Masterflex 2.4

    Bobst Mastercut 1.7 Bobst / Martin Masterflex 2.4

    Bobst Automatic Die Cutter and Flexo printer – Box production line with Automatic Feeder and Pallettizer

    This Bobst Mastercut 1.7 for  box production  is suitable to print with 2 flexo printing units
    can do also inline die cutting and automatic braking and palettizing all suitable material.
    The machine is produced in 2011 and installed in 2012.
    It is in perfect condition, can be seen in Western Europe in Production.

    Suitable material for corrugated or laminated sheets are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, N, O, AB, AC, BC, EB, EF, Triple wall
    The thickness of the material can be from 0,75 mm until 9 mm

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  • Lamina Systems AB Gluer GL 1800

    Lamina Gluer GL 1800 from 2004

    Lamina Gluer GL 1800 folder gluer for Displays and boxes

    Manufacturer: Lamina System
    Type: GL 1800
    Largest Formate (Width): 1800 mm
    length: in princible without limitations
    Smallest Formate (Width): 70 mm
    length: in princible without limitations
    Gluing Unit: Nordson hotmelt gluer
    with 4 guns
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  • Gallus Arsom EM 410 Flexo booklet production line

    Gallus Arsoma EM 410 4 colours flexo booklet and label production machine

    Booklet and label production line from Gallus Arsoma with 2 UV units, and 4 printing stations.
    The Gallus Arsoma EM 410 has been modified for the request of the owner.
    It is a fine shape and can be used roll to roll and roll to sheet.
    The machine is originally from 1997

    Manufacturer: Gallus Arsoma
    Type: EM 410
    Age: 1997 but refurbished some years go and very well maintained
    Web width: 410 mm (16,14″)
    Printing Units: 4 available
    Group: Flexo label printing
    Machine Location: Western Europe

    Machine video on youtube:

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  • Prati TR 400 Automatic Turret Rewinder from 2014

    Prati TR 400 – Automatic Turret Rewinder for labels from 2014 400 mm – 15,74″

    Prati TR 400 – Turret Rewinder 400 mm – 15,74″. Nice machine from  2014

    Manufacturer: Prati Srl
    Type: TR 400
    Age: 2014
    Web width: 400mm (15,74″)
    Group: Turret Rewinders
    Mandrells: 76 mm, others can be mounted also

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  • ABG Vectra SGTR 330 Turret Rewinder Die Cutter

    AB Graphic Vectra SGTR 330 Automatic Turret Rewinder from 2014

    Nice AB Graphic Vectra SGTR 330 turret rewinder with die cutter, turning bar, and matrix rewinder for immediate sale.

    Manufacturer: AB Graphic International Ltd
    Type: AB Graphic Vectra SGTR 330
    Age: 2014
    Web width: 330mm (13″)
    Group: Turret Rewinders Slitter Rewinder Die Cutter
    Mandrells: 76 mm, others can be mounted also
    Die Cutter: Kocher & Beck Gapmaster


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  • Gidue Bobst I Combat 430 – 12 colours Flexo press

    Gidue Bobst Combat 430 – nice 12 colors Flexo label press – Multilayer – Screen printing – 430 mm

    Gidue Bobst Combat 430 – 12 colors Flexo printing Press with lot of possibilities

    Nice 12 colours Flexo label printing machine with lot of possibilities
    Machine is still printing in a European print shop, can be seen in production.
    Please don´t hesitate to contact us for more information.

    12 colours Flexo printing press
    12 Flexo printing units

    3 screen printing units
    3 x Corona treatment
    BST web guide
    Camera Control
    Register Control
    2 Rotary Die Cutters (1 is Gap Master)

    Machine video on youtube:

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