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BILLHÖFER Maschinenfabrik
Manufacturer of Film laminting machines based in Germany
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BILLHÖFER EK 102 Film...

BILLHÖFER EK 102 Film Laminating Machine from 2000 Equipped with: Waterbased Laminating station Calendar Flying Knife for polyesther cuttingManufacturer: Billhöfer Type: EK 102/50 Age: 2000 Formate: 1020-1140 mm

Billhöfer EK TL-2 -...

Billhöfer EK TL-2 - Trendline Film Laminating Machine Film Laminating machine from 2009 Mabeg Feeder A-2 Feeder Billhöfer EK-TL-2 Laminating Unit Billhöfer TM-2 Automatic sheet separator, Billhöder S2 Delivery Format Max: 780 x 1140 mm

Billhöfer MFK 76 Automatic...

Billhoefer MFK 76Automatic Film Laminator Waterbased or thermal laminatingManufacturer: Billhoefer Typ: MFK 76 Age: 1989 PP Machinery Ref. Nr.: 4901 Max. Sheet Size: 760x1020 mm Min. Sheet Size: 210x280 mm Material Thickness: 100-600 g/m2 In Production Available Immediately

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items